Days 28-32: 12/9-12/12/17, Let It Snow!


With this update we're officially 1/3 of the way through the 90 day winter cycling challenge and I'm happy to say we finally have some snow!

Saturday morning we woke up to a few inches of fresh powder and I couldn't resist a ride on the fat bike to make some tracks.  After the weekend breakfast routine, including ample amounts of coffee, and some Christmas movie watching with the kiddos, I headed out the door for a quick ride.  I headed in the direction of the trails knowing I probably shouldn't push it given the condition of my leg, but once I was in the fresh powder and saw the snow on the trees (think Bob Ross painting), I made a bee line for some single track.

Happy little trees!,  picture credit:

Happy little trees!, picture credit:

I wasn't the first on the trails, but probably within the first 3-5 riders that morning so there was still plenty of fluffy powder to ride through.  It was hard not stopping every 10 feet or so to take a picture, but I was also having so much fun on the fat bike in this new winter wonderland.  After a couple of loops I headed back home since my son had a friend's birthday party to get to.

Sunday afternoon a group of fatties got together on the same trails as Saturday and headed out for a fun ride.  The ride was supposed to be 'conversation pace', but as per usual, the pace picked up as the afternoon went on.  Towards the end, my weak leg was giving up on me and stiffening up so I backed off and just enjoyed the scenery in between rest stops.  I knew I wasn't going to keep up with the pack without wiping out or prolonging the healing process.  Afterwards, we heading to a local pub for some drinks and warm food.  I had a pretty amazing pulled pork/mac and cheese dish that hit the spot and warmed me up for the ride home, or maybe it was the Bell's Two Hearted IPA that warmed me up?  Either way, we hung out there until the sun started setting and then headed back out with our lights on towards home.

Monday and Tuesday were relaxed rides around the neighborhood to let this silly calf injury rest a bit more.  Thankfully there is more snow in the forecast all week and I definitely want to be out riding in it so I wanted to have a couple of soft pedal type of days before heading back for more single track fun.  As a reward for my continued efforts (which really don't warrant a reward), on the easy pedal days, I more often than not stop into the local coffee shop, because...I can and who needs an excuse on a cold day for some hot coffee, right?  

Anyways, the challenge continues and I'm loving it.  More snow on the way and a fat bike to ride, what is there to complain about?

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season so far and are finding time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, whether it be cycling, running, walking, snowball fights or however you choose to enjoy it!  Stay tuned for the next update and have a great ride!