Days 33-35: 12/13/-12/15/17, Enjoying it While it Lasts

One of the best Christmas Tree ornaments ever!

One of the best Christmas Tree ornaments ever!

More of the same, and there is definitely nothing wrong with that.  Everyday at lunch this week I've headed out to the snow covered single track and it makes for an awesome break from staring at monitors all day.  In fact, it gets harder to come home each day, but you know, adulting must be done.

This fall/winter season has been awesome so far.  A new fat bike, tons of single track and plenty of group rides to keep things interesting.  I am definitely looking forward to the colder and snowier months of winter, fresh powder on early morning rides, unpredictability of night rides miles into the woods and of course some bonfires and beers after the rides.

I have been taking full advantage of the snow we have due to the fact that the weather outlook is not good if you're one who is hoping for a daily refresh of powder on the trails.  I happen to be one hoping for as much snow as possible, but the outlook is grim with warmer temperatures and rain on the way for the weekend.  Hopefully the weather people are wrong, but they're usually spot on, right?  Worst case, I need to break out the CX bike, but that's not so bad now is it? N+1, very practical indeed!

The challenge has been great so far and has met the main goal I was hoping to achieve, build a daily cycling habit.  I hope to continue this habit long after the 90 day winter cycling challenge ends and become a better all around cyclist.  Not to mention have more energy to chase the kiddos, be healthier overall and get outside regularly.  All good things for sure.

I hope you're having a great holiday season with family and friends.  Tune in for more later, but for now, get outside and have a great ride!