Best Laid Plans and All of That...


If you've been following along on this 90 day challenge, first, thank you, and second I'm sure you've guessed by now that things haven't gone according to plan.  It always seems to be the case that around the holidays, either Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Years, I come down with some sort of sickness. 

The problem here is that I work from home.  My wife and the kiddos are out in the world more than me picking up all of the wonderful flu season bugs on doors, bathrooms, etcetera and then generously bring them home to me.  Having worked from home for almost the last eight years I have missed out on being exposed to many of the fun viruses out there and my immune system isn't as well versed as I'd like it to be.

For the last three or four weeks I've been fighting off a few different types of cold/flu annoyances while still riding my bike everyday because I didn't want to miss out on fat biking in the snow and I had a shiny new fat bike waiting for me every day.  The first couple of weeks it went ok with just a minor cough, some sniffles and maybe my sinuses playing the drums on my face, no big deal.  

My last ride was 12/19/17, a fairly nice sunny day, although cold, for December.  That night things went a bit sideways. I knew the symptoms well and I'm sure you can relate, chills, muscle aches (not the good kind) and a slight fever.  My wife and in house doctor (not PhD, but a mom, so close enough right?) put the brakes on my challenge at that point.  It's a good thing too since the next couple of days would be much worse.  

Now, about a week later I am feeling 85ish percent and getting the itch to take the fat bike out again (easy pedal only at first).  However, I've missed a week of the challenge and I have decided to just start it over again with a few differences.  Those differences are as follows:

  1. 90 days - starting from day one
  2. 5 miles/day minimum - outside miles only, the trainer does not count.
  3. More sleep this time - no staying up to watch pointless TV shows or play iPhone games
  4. Improved Diet - Always boosting that immune system
  5. EmergenC - Take it every day because it can't hurt, it's cheap and I've heard it works when taken regularly.

If I continue to feel better I will start the challenge on January 1st.  That day seems appropriate since my main fitness goal for 2018 is to double my miles on the bike. 

With that, thanks for reading and please stay tuned for the next post coming soon.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season, stay safe for New Years and have a great 2018!