Days 17-20: 11/28-12/1/17, Coasting for a Few Days


One of the big goals of this challenge was to come out of it in the very early spring as a stronger rider than I was last spring.  Another benefit I am working towards with this challenge is the building of a habit.  

Experts say that on average, you can make a task a habit in 21 days.  I'm sure it depends on the person as to how long it actually takes, but I figure that anyone can build a habit in 90 days if they are committed to it. At day 20, I can see that a habit is forming.  My daily routine has changed from 'I hope I get a ride in today' to 'let me see what time I will get my ride in today'. I am definitely happy about that.

Not every ride (or any at this time of year for that matter) is epic, but building this habit will train me for the epic rides (a century or greater  distance in a day) I have planned for next summer.  Even a short ride to lunch or to the coffee shop feels good when you're done.  Unlike taking a car, it feels like I did more than just go from one seat to another all day (even though I guess the saddle is technically a seat).

Fitting a ride into a busy routine with two energetic kids, a wife and full time job isn't always easy, but my rides, or any exercise for that matter, help me to perform better at my most important jobs (family first, bringing home the bacon second).

The last few days have been spent fighting off the flu, cold or some other annoying virus that I mentioned in previous entries.  After a few longer rides last week, I decided to rest up a bit and take some easy fat bike rides around the neighborhood trails, out to lunch (literally, mentally too I suppose), and a few trips to the coffee shop with my daughter in tow (she'll even hang out with dad in the bike trailer if it means donut holes from the bakery).  My son is busy in school, and by the end of the day he doesn't really want to be stuck in the bike trailer with his sister.  I keep asking anyways, although I think he's figured out he gets donut holes either way when his sister doesn't finish hers.

With that, it's off to bed because tomorrow is Global Fatbike Day!  I'm hoping to get some fun rides in on my local mountain bike trails once the chores and other commitments are all done.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates from my 90 day cycling challenge.  Have a great ride!