Days 21-22: 12/2-12/3/17, Global Fat Bike Day!

Enjoying the sunset on Global Fatbike Day.

Enjoying the sunset on Global Fatbike Day.

December 2nd, 2017 was Global Fatbike Day and what a day it was.  First up on the docket were some chores around the casa.  After that, we were off to my son's 5th birthday party with all of his school and neighborhood friends.  There was plenty of running around and screaming followed by consuming large quantities of pizza and sugar.  Could a five year old ask for anything more?

Once we arrived back home it was late afternoon and time to hop on the fatbike to get my daily ride in as well as partake in the global phenomenon known as fat biking.  Ok, maybe it isn't that big of a deal, but I wasn't about to miss out.  I was off to the trails to get a few laps in.  Unlike some other years on Global Fatbike Day, the weather was great.  It was warm for this time of year and not a cloud in the sky.  Perfect!

Upon arriving home, it was time to change out of my bike clothes and head to the local nursery to pick up a Christmas Tree!  See what I mean?  A pretty awesome day was had by all in our house.

The next day the weather was fantastic again.  Although more subdued, we did get plenty of chores done around the house as well as have some friends and their kids over for dinner.  Before they arrived I was able to get in another fatbike ride at the local trails and enjoy the awesome weather.  I also completed yet another round of leaf pickup (this warm fall weather has made the leaves fall slowly and late.  It has been a pain to keep up with, but still some pretty minor first world problems, right?).

With that, it's the end of another great family filled weekend and time to get ready for a busy week of work and herding cats (aka taking care of the boy and the girl).  

Be sure to get outside and have a great ride!