Days 23-24: 12/4-12/5/17, Back to the Grind, With a Twist!

IMG_0274 (1).jpg

After a great weekend it was off to the races with a new work week.  Monday was a gloomy day with rain a possibility at any point; pretty typical for this time of year.  What wasn't typical was the 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) weather in December!  

After the morning rain, other rain cells held off until the end of the day and I was able to stay dry on Monday's ride.  As another bonus, since it was so warm and dry, I was able to take the road bike out for one last ride this season.  I was hoping I'd get the chance, but usually by this time we've had some snow and a salt residue coats the roads.  Even though the frame is carbon, I'm not really a fan of getting it all over the Roubaix.

It really is surprising after riding on bigger tires for the last couple of months how much faster the 28c slicks roll.  I am a big fan of the bike and will miss riding it over the winter.  Fortunately, I have the fatbike and gravel bike to keep me company over the next few months. I also plan to try out Zwift with the trainer in the basement, but I will be outside riding, usually on the fat bike, every day as well.

Today was a busy work day full of awesome (or not) work meetings and mentally stimulating (or not...) work assignments.  Fear not, lunch did finally arrive and I hopped onto my boredom killer (that's the technical, universal name for all bicycles) and grabbed a bite at the local bar and grill.  Being a workday, it was more grill than bar, but the wet burrito was still yummy even with only water washing it down.

With that, we're about half way through this week and cruising right along.  I hope your week is smoothly moving right along too.  Be sure to make time for yourself to get outside this week and have a great ride!