No I have not explored the back country of Papua New Guinea or pack rafted down the Nile River through class 5 rapids to test the packability of my new 29+ setup.  I do have a bike, several in fact.  Some might call that a quiver, my wife calls it too many bikes (as if that's possible).  

I also have an amazing son (the boy), daughter (the girl), and a ridiculously supportive and awesome wife (the wife, clever interwebs alias, right?).  As this website begins, our son is two and a half years old and already an expert in mischief with a never-ending supply of energy.  Our daughter is two and a half months old and can get a smile out of even the biggest curmudgeon (me, according to the wife).

Whether you're out riding a new rail trail, taking a quick ride around the block, bikepacking to your local state park or heading to a race (be it compete or complete, mountain, road, gravel, enduro or XC, it doesn't matter), we at Everyday Dadventures (.com) hope to provide you with some helpful info to help you successfully complete your adventure.  We also hope to give you ideas for your adventures by bike, kayak, foot, unicycle, pogo stick, or zip line.  

The key here is to put down the smartphone for a bit and get outside.  Your sanity will thank you for it.