Our Current Challenge:

The 90-Day Winter Cycling Challenge

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Winter can be a major downer if you let it.


Going on right now(It restarted on 1/1/18), but its never too late to join in!


Go for a bike ride every day for 90 days, that's it!  No deadlines, or minimum time spent outside, super simple.


It must be at least 5 miles, but you know you'll want to ride more. One day per week can be inside on the trainer (minimum of 10 miles), but riding outside is so much more fun, even in the winter!  

Um, Why is This a Challenge?

The motivation to gear up and ride outside on some of those freezing cold winter days is the challenge.  Once you're out there, you'll be on your bike and having fun.  This is basically a little nudge to get outside and get some fresh air.


Get Outside and Challenge Yourself!