DIY How-Tos and Other Possibly Useful Info

You guessed it, over time we hope to populate this page with many useful how-to posts for a wide range of dadventuring.  From camping to changing a car battery, we strive to be of some help to make your day to day parenting to-do list a bit easier.


A child Bike Trailer with Skis - On the cheap!

Check out our DIY post on adding skis to your child trailer for winter fatback fun with the minions!  Spoiler alert, it won't cost a fortune either.


Coming Soon - How to carry your remote battery without strapping stuff to your shiny frame

Enjoy riding your fatbike at night during the winter to get first crack at fresh powder?  Need some powerful lights to avoid those pesky trees and what not but don't want straps things to your pretty carbon frame?  I may have a solution for you, or at least another use for your cabinet filled with old water bottles...


setting Up your smart trainer on zwift

Lets face it, winter sucks for road riding.  If you're looking to get a more road centric workout in when it's minus 5 degrees outside and have a smart trainer, check out the premiere online training tool, Zwift!  It will make those indoor days a bit more bearable.