Bringing 2017 to a Close


As 2017 wraps up, I thought it might be prudent to think about what I want for 2018 and beyond so bear with me and my ramblings. I hope my goals are more than a silly New Years resolution and more like a continuation of a lifestyle change towards being more active.  I've cycled more miles this year than any previous year.  I hope to double that mileage for 2018.

So far, this winter season is the most fun I've had with a fat bike in the 5 or so years I've owned one.  Could it be the placebo effect of a awesome new fat bike or maybe the realization of the awesome single track less than a minutes worth of pedaling away from my doorstep?  I'm sure it's both of those and more.  

I have some goals this winter on the cycling and fitness side of things.  I'd love to lose weight, but who doesn't (that's what I tell myself to feel better)?  The big goal is to enter the spring season in better shape than ever before and be ready to start some serious road riding including more charity rides and races in 2018.  I'd like to participate in the first running of a 200 mile gravel race in Michigan happening in late spring as well as the ODRAM (one day ride across Michigan) which benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Ride to Cure Program.  I think that one is about 150 miles.  Perhaps I could ride back the next day just for fun?  Who knows.

Of course I'll be doing the usual charity rides, races and other events that I try to do each year (Make A Wish, Tour De Taylor, etc.).  I'll also be supporting my wife in her efforts to do three triathlons in 2018, a pretty huge, and awesome, commitment.  

Many would ask, why are you doing this?  Honestly, the reasons are as varied as they are many, even between my wife and I we have different motivators.  Speaking for myself, I love cycling and I want to get better (faster) at it, but more importantly, I want the fitness to keep up with my kids as they grow older.  I want to be healthy so I can annoy them well into their adult years.  I also want to set the example now that staying active is important and of course fun, rewarding and a important part of the day to day routine.  I don't want them to see me on my phone 24/7, or playing video games when the sun is shining outside (or even when it's raining).  They will never find me watching TV on a Sunday afternoon (or Monday or Thursday or Saturday evening...) when there is work to be done around the house, a city to build in the sand box, a new trail to explore or a bonfire to sit around.  I never could sit still as a kid and always wanted to be outside.  So far, they are following in those footsteps and would always rather be outside.  I plan to nurture that desire for fresh air as much as possible and in any way that I can.

Anyways, off my soap box and back to the end of year thoughts.  I have a number of goals for 2018 and I'm sure some are a bit lofty, but why not think big? 

In addition to the fitness/activity/cycling goals, I hope to grow the website and provide regular content updates, including reviews of products, events and places.  Content has been pretty sporadic so far, but I'm working on that.  Who would have thought having two young children would take up virtually all of your free time (heavy, heavy sarcasm there)?  Lately, I prefer to read or write in the evenings after the kids go to bed instead of watching TV.  I find it much more fulfilling. Stay tuned for more updates as we head into 2018.

With that, if you're still here, thank you so much for checking out the website and reading some of the posts.  I hope you gleaned something useful from them.  I hope that you, your family and your friends have an awesome holiday season and a happy, healthy and safe 2018 that's even better than 2017.  Happy New Year!