The Elusive Work/Life Balance...


The Elusive Work/Life Balance

(and coffee, lots and lots of coffee)

It feels like it has been ages since I last added any content to this website.  Outside of the regularly uploaded social media posts, most of my free time (which isn't much these days) has been spent riding to prepare myself for the charity events and races I've signed up for. 

You can take all of the parenting classes imaginable prior to having kids, but nothing will prepare you for the life changing event that it is.  In an instant, your priorities shift from evening and weekend plans with friends to doctor visits, birthday parties and Costco runs.  Don't get me wrong, it is amazing, but you do learn that it is crucial to make time for yourself and your marriage as well.  Finding that work/life/personal time balance is key, and the personal time shrinks dramatically with kids, as it should.  

I couldn't imagine my life without our kids anymore and at their current age (2 and 4), I want to soak up all the fun that I can before they don't like me anymore.  I'm hoping I have a good 10-12 years before that happens.

Before the minions wake up or after they go to bed is when I've found it important to do some adulting.  Whether we watch a movie, read a book, head out for a bike ride or a walk, making time for adulting is key.  Making time for such activity seems to help recharge my mental batteries so that I'm ready for the next day of work and adventures with the kids.

Where am I going with this babbling that most likely no one will read?  Basically, I'm typing a long winded excuse for why the website receives so little attention these days.  

My hope is to drop the TV watching in the evenings even further down the priority list than we already have to make more time for more constructive hobbies (this website, cycling, RC helicopters, photography or whatever brain utilizing activity I may want to try in the future - which definitely does not include TV). I'd like to create more content and posts for the website and maybe grow it into something people will find useful, or at least mildly entertaining.  If no one reads it that's ok too. 

I find typing out my thoughts to be very therapeutic, and that's not a bad reason to keep this site going either, is it?

A few items in the works for the website:

  • The 2016 Specialized Diverge vs. 2017 Roubaix - My thoughts on how they compare
  • The Garmin Edge 520 vs. the new Wahoo Bolt - Pros and Cons - a novel
  • Shimano Di2 - A cycling gadget lovers dream, if you remember to charge the battery
  • We've tried many tires and tire setups (tubeless) - Our thoughts and findings
  • The best Father's Day gift ever - reviewed
  • And so much more!


Until next time, which will be sooner than later, get outside and have fun!


I almost forgot to mention the coffee.  Yes, coffee definitely goes with and helps with everything I mentioned above. It really is fantastic...